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Our Mission Statement: 


A Place of Grace. Experience It. Extend It.


Our Purpose Statement: 


We are a grace-filled church striving to lead people towards transformation in Jesus Christ through intimacy with God, serving our community, and sharing His relentless love with others.


Words from a Gateway attender:

I've been going to church my whole life, and have had the opportunity to attend and be a member in all different types of churches:  Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Disciples of Christ, Non-Denominational, and more.  Yet, I have NEVER been to a church like Gateway.  This is a truly different and special church!


This is a church of service and example.  The people of Gateway are some of the most down to earth, friendly, and compassionate people I have ever met.  It seems like every member of Gateway truly feels ownership in this church, which is evident from all the outreach programs and activities that go on all the time, most of which are led by other members (not just the pastor of our church).  We love this church and want to share that feeling with others, not just inside our walls, but with the world.


I think the most powerful evidence of service, is the service of self.  I once heard someone say that the most powerful witness you can give someone is your own testimony of Christ because no one can argue with your own experiences and feelings.  They are your own, and sharing those moments is one of the most powerful things you can do to share your belief in Christ.


I have had the unique opportunity to be a part of the Alcoholics Anonymous program. While I am not an alcoholic, alcohol has touched my family very personally.  In an attempt to learn more about this disease, I attended a specific AA group fairly regularly for a couple of years.  During that time I got to know the people in those rooms.  I heard stories of hurt, pain, shame, violence, and sadness.  They were some of the most powerful stories I've ever heard, and they were given freely because, in that room, there was a feeling of complete safety and anonymity.  People know that no matter who is sitting next to them, they share a common thread of addiction, and because of that, they know their stories are safe.


Yet, here at Gateway, our congregation does something very similar.  The stories we have heard throughout the years are powerful, sad, awe-inspiring, inspirational, and thoughtful.  I believe this is the greatest service of self.  To give someone else the darkest most intimate stories of your soul is a gift that is extremely powerful.  The fact is these stories aren't just shared between two members, or even in a small life group, no! These brave individuals make the decision to stand up on stage, in front of the whole congregation, and share these stories.  Wow!  What an inspiration, and what a truly remarkable showing of service and faith!  I am continually amazed at the path this church takes.  It is not the path most taken, but it is the one that leads to a Man that says, "Well done my good and faithful servant."

​Please take a moment to explore our website to find out what we believe; to get more information on our different and exciting ministries and to meet our staff. 



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