Growing a Heart for God

This Sunday in our 10am service, Craig continues the summer teaching series, Growing a Heart for God. A series based on the life of King David. If you think your family has issues, consider David's off-the-chart dysfunctional clan: murder, rape, adultery, polygamy, incest, hatred, and years of estrangement. In the context of that crazy family, we'll learn what a lasting love looks like in relationships. On this 4th of July weekend, we'll remember our freedoms in a variety of ways: the singing of an emotion-stirring God Bless America, a powerful video clip and a prayer for our nation.

Friendship Lessons

This Sunday in our 10am service, we'll focus on what many consider to be the greatest story of friendship recorded in any book. An unlikely friendship forged between the son of a King and a lowly shepherd. A friendship that withstood a storm of external threats. A friendship that could only be stopped by an untimely death. A friendship that still offers us today valuable lessons in building our own meaningful, life-long friendships. It is the story of David and Jonathan. You are encouraged to read 1 Samuel 18-20 and 23 before you come. See you Sunday!

Got any GIANTS?

Got any GIANTS which are limiting the quality of your life? If so, our 10am service this Sunday is for you. We'll be revisiting one of the most often-quoted stories in the entire Bible. That would be the remarkable story of David bringing down the GIANT named Goliath against all odds. Craig is looking forward to sharing some new insights into this familiar drama. Who's Your Daddy? will be the very creative and fun Father's Day feature for all dads. You definitely do not need to be a dad to enjoy this one. See you Sunday!

New summer long series

This Sunday in our 10am service, Craig launches the summer long teaching series GROWING A HEART FOR GOD. Each week we’ll focus on a story from the life of David. What a remarkable life that was! He was a mighty warrior, brilliant statesman, skilled musician and writer of the Psalms. He was also a lousy father, a philanderer and a murderer. We’ll need all summer to cover the highs and lows of his tumultuous life. Don’t miss this Sunday’s introduction to David’s life.

Volunteer Recognition

All Gateway volunteers will be recognized this Sunday in our 10am service, in a variety of ways including our Board members serving as your waiters with goodies after the service. It's going to be a good morning!

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