What a weekend!

Good Friday: In our 6pm Good Friday service, Craig will recount a few inspiring stories that remind us of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for us. We'll conclude with a team-served communion observance. Childcare is provided for 0-5 yrs. old. Easter: In our 10am service, Craig's message will remind us that before we get to the good news of Sunday, we sometimes have to endure the dark times of Saturday. The 50 Easter lilies given in memory of loved ones will offer color and aroma to our resurrection celebration. Invite a friend or family member to join you.

more from Daniel

This Sunday, in our 10am service, Craig will offer a fresh perspective on a very familiar Bible story: Daniel in the lion's den. From that treasured story, we're reminded of the consequences of giving into the temptation to compromise on our faith. We'll learn from Daniel's terrifying experience how we can stand strong and courageous in a culture that offers rewards for compromise. If you'd like to get a head-start on the story, read Daniel 6 before you come.

Faith In A Furnace

One of the most familiar and beloved stories in the Bible is the one of Daniel's three buddies being tossed by a crazy King into a hot furnace. And just who was the mysterious fourth person who showed up in that inferno? This Sunday at 10am, Craig will remind us that sometimes our faith grows more IN the furnace than from asking God to save us from the furnace. You are encouraged to read Daniel 3 before you come. See you then!

When Life Is Not Turning Out As You Had Hoped

...is the title of Craig's message this Sunday in our 10am service. Your marriage, your kids, your job, your finances, your friends, your health or your spiritual life are falling short of your hopes and dreams. We'll be studying the life of a man who knew what it felt like to have his hopes dashed. His name is Daniel. You are encouraged to read the first chapter of his Old Testament book before you come on Sunday. Can you think of a friend or family member who could use help and hope with a life falling short of their hopes and dreams? Give them an invite.

Haiti Team Report

Our tired but exhilarated Haiti team arrived back home last night. They are really looking forward to sharing stories and showing lots of photos this Sunday in our 10am service. Plus, all Gateway sponsors of our Gateway Girls will receive the letter and photo from their sponsored girl. It's going to be an inspiring service!

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