How to Recover from a Broken Family

"How to Recover from a Broken Family" will be the first installment in this new series beginning Sunday at 10am. You'll receive an infusion of hope that the future for you and your family can be better than the past. The fascinating and intriguing story of Joseph will be our case study in this series. I encourage you to read Genesis chapters 25, 27, 32 and 33 before you come. You'll be inspired to hear stories and see photos from our recent missions trip to Baja.

Final Enneagram message

Barbara joins Craig as they finish the very popular Enneagram series this Sunday at 10am. They'll offer several more fascinating insights that will make your Enneagram type even more powerful in your life. If you'd like to receive a free daily thought or challenge about your Enneagram number, go to this website to sign up: This will be the LAST Sunday to sign up for our Oct. 26,27 Marriage Retreat.

The final three Enneagram types

Barbara will join Craig in covering the final three Enneagram types this Sunday at 10am. One of which is considered to be the Type for more than half of the population. And with some hesitation, Craig will share his Type. If you haven't yet taken the Enneagram self-test to help determine your type, here is the link:

More Enneagram types

If you haven't figured out your Enneagram type, this Sunday could provide you some direction. Barbara will join Craig in describing four more types, including one that several of you have told them may be yours. You can reserve a spot at our Oct. 26-27 Marriage Retreat using the Enneagram types in a marriage. You'll hear more about our Oct. 20 mission trip to Baja.

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