Benefits From A Pandemic

Could you use some positive news these days? Is so, make this Sunday's service at 10am a priority. Craig will be offering some "benefits" that can come from this ongoing pandemic. The Bible says God can somehow even use bad things for good. And that includes pandemics. And we know that God causes EVERYTHING to work together for the GOOD of those who love God... Romans 8:28 NLT We'll put those words to the test this week. Craig will offer some benefits he's noticed and have personally experienced. This too shall pass. The zoom link to our 10am service is on the home page of our website.

Keep Rowing in a Storm

This Sunday at 10am, Craig continues the teaching series on topics related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The story of Jesus' disciples getting caught in a storm offers us some valuable reminders in our ongoing storm. The link to our Zoom Sunday service is located on the homepage of our website.

Managing Our Anxiety In A Pandemic

...will be the topic of Craig's message this Sunday at 10am. We've all experienced worries during recent weeks. Worries about your job, your health, your money, your isolation, your limitations. While we cannot (and should not) eradicate all of our anxiety, we can make decisions to help manage it. Worry does not need to dominate your everyday life. You can access the link to our service on the homepage of our website. This too shall pass.

We Need Easter Hope More Than Ever

On this Easter Sunday, Craig will be talking about perhaps our greatest need these days: HOPE Who of us cannot use at least a little more hope about the future. Think of someone you could invite to tune in. Join us at 10am using the Zoom link on the homepage of our website.

Good Friday Prayer Service

Join us at 7pm tomorrow night for a special time of only prayer. Craig will offer a variety of specific prayer needs, most of them revolving around the ongoing pandemic threat. You'll then have the opportunity to offer silent prayers for those needs. If you believe that prayer can make a difference, we hope you'll join us using the Zoom link provided on the home page of our website.

COVID 19: Alone together the title of Craig's message this Sunday at 10am. He will remind us of the need for and the power of going thru difficult times with other people in our life. He will offer many examples from Scripture and from our church life that illustrate our need for each other during these challenging days. Can you think of anyone who could use those reminders? Send them the link to our Zoom service. The link to our Sunday Zoom service is located on the homepage of our website. See you Sunday.

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