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Gateway Life Groups


If you are looking to form meaningful friendships and have an opportunity to connect with others on a deeper level, Gateway Life Groups are your answer! Life Groups are comprised of 8-12 people that meet in homes twice a month to discuss the teaching they hear in our Sunday service, fellowship and prayer.

If you are interested, please email, with the subject line “Life Groups”. One of our awesome staff members will reach out and connect with you! 


Wedding & Memorial Services

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Amazing Grace photo.jpg
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Bob Peoples Celebration of Life August 13, 2023
Lynette Collinss Celebration of LifeAugust 11,2023
Larry Jenkis Celebration of Life December 3, 2022
Brandon Sims Celebration of Life May 14, 2022
Chris & Christy's Wedding  September 18, 2021
Ralph & George Chapman Memorial Service July 17, 2021
Johnny for Web page.png
Johnny Lenos Memorial Services May 15, 2021
Mike Stuckhardt's Memorial Services October 28, 2020
Crystal-Lane & Jordan's Wedding  October 27, 2020
Faith & Damian's Wedding  November 21, 2020
The Daniel Plan 

Welcome to Gateway’s Daniel Plan Program!  God is the power and the energy behind all transformational change and that includes making the lifestyle choices necessary for you to become healthy. It is through God’s power that we make change, gaining strength from being rooted and grounded in His love.


As you follow The Daniel Plan, you will discover that you have a part to play in getting healthier, but God will energize your efforts. You are more likely to succeed with The Daniel Plan by focusing on your relationship with Christ. It is in the intimacy of His embrace that you will find the strength to make the changes you need to make.  

Each month the Daniel Plan team will provide an easy, delicious, healthy recipe:

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