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Youth Beach Night

This past Wednesday, we had our first Youth Beach Night at Oceanside, CA. We had a GREAT time together, playing sharks and minnows, beach rugby, frisbee and tag. The sunset was absolutely incredible! As we watched the sun go down, we cooked hot dogs over our fire and roasted marshmallows, topped with Nutella and chocolate on graham crackers (as one should)! We prayed together, laughed out loud, taught each other some new dance moves and connected old friends and new.

This time together reminded me of how important those relationships were to me as a teenager. A constantly changing time, where the world seems both confusing and exciting at the same time, you rely on your closest friends for strength, comfort, security, laughter and growth. It is so important that we all have a good connection of close friends that feel the same way about important issues as we do. More importantly to a teenager, is to have guidance and solid leadership as they figure out how to manouvre their lives in the right direction.

We are so happy to provide a space for this and so encouraged at the AMAZING personalities in our youth group! We have incredible talent and kindness within our youth and it humbles me to see them support each other.

Our next Youth event will be praying on top of Double Peak mountain on the third Sunday morning of every month. We will meet there and pray over our city in the beautiful quietness. For more information, please contact our Youth Pastor, Charles Molenkamp at

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