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Why do we often do what we don't want to do? And why do we often fail to do what we need to do? We all get STUCK at times in life don't we? Over the next several Sundays, I'll be offering 12 proven and successful strategies for getting UNSTUCK. This could be a game-changing series for you. I am really looking forward to getting it started. This is designed to be an Invite A Friend opportunity. We probably all know someone who is STUCK somewhere in their life. Plus, we'll enjoy some photos from recent special Gateway events ( the Hispanic lunch, the mom's class and the Community Picnic). Speaking of the COMMUNITY PICNIC, it begins at 11am THIS SATURDAY at Mulberry Park. It's not too late to invite someone to join you. Free food and games for the kids, including a bounce house, are a few of the fun features. You might want to forward the Picnic attachment to a few friends. See you Saturday. 

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